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Top Ten Sound & Sight Blog Posts of 2011

Sound n’ Sight

Screen shot 2012 01 02 at 3.25.11 PM resized 600This year’s top 10 blog posts once again proved that Sound & Sight readers are a progressive bunch interested in improving their skills with regard to events and social media.

The list includes two posts offering social media tips; four about event planning & production; and three posts on ways to use social media specifically for events. However, by far the most popular post wasn’t really about any of these things. It proved that a good ol’ tug at the heartstrings is appropriate on just about any blog.

Back in the Saddle

Feeling great about being back to work after the holidays. I hope that everyone had an amazing New Year and I am looking forward to rocking out some great posts!

But first…. I look at my desk this…



5 Audio Visual Musts to Check BEFORE Your Presentation

Sound n’ Sight
The following is a guest blog article by Kenji Crosland of If you are interested in guest blogging for Sound n’ Sight, please read my guest blogging guidelines. And…



7 Tips for Online Communities for Events

Sound n’ Sight
The following is a summary of last week’s Engage365 Twitter chat.



9 Brain Friendly Tips For Event Pros From a Neuroscience Researcher

Sound n’ Sight

brainAt the recent Event Camp East Coast, particpants created a program that included a fascinating session on neuro-science inspired tips for event planners by Brain…



Work and The Holidays

Just wanted to drop a note and let everyone know that I have not fallen off the face of the earth, just a lot going on around here! Have a big event coming up that just now got cooking…



Social Media, Cultural Change, Who We Are and Events

Sound n’ Sight

friendsHow is social media changing our brains? How is it changing our society? And how will this affect the way we design events and presentations?

A discussion following an

Prevent Lobby Renovations from Ruining Your Meeting or Event

This is a post by our regular contributor Trish Rafferty, CMP. Trish is the Senior Meeting Manager with Meetings in Medicine in NYC. She can be reached by using the contact form here and you…



30 Tips For Adding Charitable Components to Your Event

Sound n’ Sight

charity activityLast week’s Engage365 Twitter Chat on adding charitable components to events yielded a wealth of helpful tips.

My guest on the chat, Lindsey Rosenthal (@eventsforgood) of



MORE Tips for Creating Engaging Events

Sound n’ Sight

Last week’s Engage365 Twitter chat with guest Peter Straube, or @Events_For_Change as he is known on Twitter, yielded a wealth of ideas for making events more engaging.

As head of…